Throughout the country, Gourmet da Vila store selects high quality products made by small producers. In each region you can find unique and exclusive characteristics that carry Portuguese flavors across borders.

Olive Oil is one of our national ex-libris. Our "gold" that is born in Centennial Olive Trees. There is a lot of variety and in each region we find products of great quality that win prizes in the best competitions in the World. Vinegar has also grown both in variety and in new combinations, giving the table a rich flavor experience.

Regarding cheeses there is a "world" to discover - from the variety of milk to the techniques of making cheese, each region has its particularity. Whether it's the weather, the slope of the terrain where the animals graze or even the ancestral techniques passed from parents to children. We are not yet a country very recognized by cheeses but those who visit us admit that we know how to make a unique product.

Not being a well-known country as the ultimate producer of Chocolates, there is more and more in Portugal Chef's Pastry to develop fantastic Handcrafted Chocolates. From the simple chocolate paste to more elaborate products like Chocolate with wine varieties, with salt flower or with dry futos, the temptation is a lot!

In Portugal it is very common to have Honey at home, but its consumption is still very low considering the already proven health benefits. There is a wide variety of flavors from several plants but recently Honey has developed even further - honey with roses or  honey with gold may surprise honey connoisseurs.

Portuguese sausages are still not as well known as the Spaniards. But when we belong to the same Iberian region we have very similar products and superior quality. In the region of Barrancos, belonging to the demarcated region of the Dehesa (Extremadura Spanish) and the Lower Alentejo we have, for example, the famous Iberian Black Pig. Other very famous regions in Portugal regarding sausages include Chaves, Barroso, Vinhais, Campo Maior, Elvas and Santana da Serra.


The Conserveira Portuguesa Industry has always been highly recognized for the quality of its raw material and very specialized and qualified workforce. Over the years, however, it has lost some strength. Recently there are several projects that from north to south have brought new winds to this very special industry that allows you to conserve a product and transform it into a true gastronomic experience. A good example of this is our national "caviar", the Sardine Roe.